A Glamberous Review: Magic Mike

Where do I begin? “Magic Mike” hit theaters this past Friday, June 29 and I’m still a little scattered-brained from the amount of sexiness I saw in that 110 minutes. It was a lot of tanned, toned, thonged tushies. *Spoiler Alert*

The Steven Soderbergh film starring Channing Tatum as lead character Magic Mike who not only is gifted on stage but he has his hands in a number of other projects like construction and custom furniture. Most of the movie deals with Mike balancing out his many jobs but the most exciting part for the squealing girls in the audience was the delicious eye candy from Xquisite. Let’s talk about the boys!

Channing Tatum as Magic Mike Now first I will say Chann is very hot and I think he’s a good up and coming actor that does believable performances but one thing that bothers me about him is when he dances. I could get down with the stripping but the over the tops flips and pop locks kind of made me cringe; it took me back to his Tyler Gage character in “Step-Up.” I like his “Pony” performance and his lead off to “It’s Raining Men.” His relationship with Adam is also very sweet. Although Mike may have taken him down a crazy road he did look out for him when he needed it the most and that is commendable.

Matt Bomer as Ken I think it’s safe to say that I officially am in love with Matt Bomer! He’s so damn hot in the movie and I for one wanted more Ken! I’m all for Kinky Ken as a film idea. Maybe I’m so in love with Matt because all i could see is Christian Grey when I looked at him. Plus his Ken Doll bit in the film is SO cute for him; he looks like Christian Grey and EXACTLY like a Ken Doll.

Matthew McConaughey as Dallas and Alex Pettyfer as Adam aka the Kid Blond never looked so good. I don’t want to call these two a before and after shot but hey neither of the shots are bad! The first time Adam took to the stage the ladies were loving the kid. The next day as Dallas taught Adam the proper way to entice the ladies may be one of the best parts in the movie.

Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie, Adam Rodriguez as Tito and Kevin Nash as Tarzan The threesome that wraps up the sexy cast of men are Big Dick Richie, Tito and  Tarzan. These three men didn’t get that much time as the rest of the guys but when you saw them on-screen you were not disappointed. A big hit, no pun intended, was Big Dick Richie. Two words: Opaque Screen!

If you saw “Magic Mike” this weekend what did you think?

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