The Quest For Anastasia Steele!

The funny thing about “50 Shades of Grey” is that Christian Grey is not the only character in the book. With his charming ways, heavenly good looks, massive bank account and out of this world sexual appetite; I really forgot all about Anastasia Steele. I mean we do need an acceptable counterpart to the man who is all shades of fu$%edness. But who could play such a gal? A meek yet outspoken woman. A clumsy girl who can tap into her inner goddess and roar. I have some ideas and here are my picks.

Lily Collins The human doll that is Lily Collins could be a good Ana “Oh My” Steele. She has a good meek and innocent look to her but I also think she could tap into her inner goddess and do some things in the playroom. Lils hasn’t has any major roles. She played opposite Taylor Lautner in “Abduction” and recently she was Snow White in “Mirror, Mirror” but she still is relatively unknown which I think is good for a role like this that would change her life.

Nina Dobrev Where do I start with Nina? Nina Dobrev is most noted for playing opposite 50 Shades hopeful and real life boyfriend Ian Somerhalder on “Vampire Diaries” but I know Nina for playing Mia Jones on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” She played a strong-willed yet sweet single mom on that show so I think some of that character could transcend into Anastasia Steele. Plus she wears her hair in a braid a lot which is A-OK in Christian’s book; or playroom I should say.

Felicity Jones I came across a picture of a young, English actress named Felicity Jones and I fell in love with her face. She definitely has that unconventional beauty thing going on. There has been buzz going on about this actress playing Ana and I think I like her matched up with my top pick Matt Bomer. Jones played in a few roles such as “Like Crazy” and “Hysteria” but nothing to make her a break out star.

There are so many young, beautiful hopefuls that could play Ana Steele. Who do you have in mind for the feisty brunette who changes Christian Grey into a better man?

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4 thoughts on “The Quest For Anastasia Steele!

  1. I kind of like Nina Dobrev for the role as Ana, don’t know why:P

  2. Lily Collins has always been my first choice, then Felicity and if not them Emilia Clarke.

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