Happy 111th Birthday Edward Cullen!

Its June 20 and that only means one thing, it’s our favorite fictional vampire birthday! Yes, you guessed it, Edward Cullen is turning 111! Just to think he was just 109, how time flies! Now how on Earth could we ever celebrate Eddie Culls b-day; I mean we could go through 111 reasons why we love him, he may have forever but we don’t so let’s go over how he spent his last few birthday years.

108 In “Twilight” we met Eddie as a young 108-year-old lad. He was living a regular life in Forks, Washington until the love of his life Isabella Swan walked into his life. He spent that year trying to avoid the awkward beauty but ended up falling head over heels in love with the girl.

That was “New Moon” territory. Just when we thought all was well with Eddie he decides to up and leave Bella. He spent most of the film by himself and since he was off contemplating suicide, he was in Italy ready to reveal himself to the world and give up everything over the loss of his love Bella; such a great birthday. *insert sarcastic face*

110 Edward got his girl back but nothing is ever simple in the life of Edward Cullen. Throughout “Eclipse” he had to protect his fragile human love Bella from the vengeful Victoria, who was out to get Bella. He didn’t spend much time with his lady-love this year but he found time to propose marriage and make time to talk about planning a wedding.

111 By 111 and “Breaking Dawn Part 1” Eddie was a married man and an expecting father. This year was not that easy for him because he had to deal with the fact that he impregnated his human wife and was not too sure she would survive the ordeal. Everything turned out OK and he now has a beautiful vampire wife and an equally beautiful hybrid daughter.

Can Eddie ever have a normal birthday year? Here’s to hoping for 112!

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