Breaking Dawn Part 2: Teaser Trailer

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Words can’t even begin to describe how I feel about this saga let alone this teaser trailer. Maybe Zooey Deschanel can describe my emotion because that teaser did things to my heart! It’s so sad to know that “The Twilight Saga” will soon be over but I’m SO excited to see this “epic finale.”

Now we, Twihards, got a good look into the anticipated ending with the extended teaser trailer that was released on Wednesday, June 20. And Jacob is right, it’s a lot of red eyes in this film. I think he will be the comedic relief in this film despite the drama surrounding the pending epic battle.

Teaser Breakdown In the trailer we got to see some of the new vamps and what they are capable of. The one trick with the water was pretty cool. We saw a lot of the Volturi; I didn’t know it was that many; there were MANY black cloaks. There wasn’t that much Renesmee in the teaser, I was a little disappointed on that level. I mean does she talk?

We also see a clip of Irina snitching and going to the Volturi with false information causing the Volturi to come for the Cullens in the first place. The battle looks great though. It’s good to see Bella finally fighting instead of hanging in the back somewhere. For those of you who read the book, right before the battle there are some heart tugging moments. I know I sure was misty eyed reading it, so I can’t wait to see if that made the film. We didn’t get to see much Bella, Edward and Renesmee interaction; I guess we’ll have to wait for the full trailer for that one!

Check out the teaser trailer and let me know what you think!

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