The Quest For Christian Grey!

Ok, my obsession for “50 Shades of Grey” is slowly moving into overload. Although the books and upcoming films would never replace my obsession of Twi, it is a very and I mean VERY close second. I feel like the books have affected my psyche; I’m constantly having battles with my inner goddess, every time I bite my lip I think of what Mr. Grey would do and I’m adding funny signatures to my emails. This book is amazing!

Now the books are definitely in the works to becoming films so the quest for Christian Grey is ON! Much like the idea of Edward Cullen; all fans of the book have an image of Christian in our minds and below are my top choices for the beloved “50 Shades of fu@&-edness”

Matthew Bomer When I came across this pic of the “White Collar” actor I gasped and said, “OMG, It’s him,” literally. You can not tell me that this man is not Christian. Everything from that smoldering look, the phone and hair, I mean he’s a shoe in butttt if you look at other photos of Matt you may start to second guess this option BUT if he looks how he does in this pic in the film I’m all for it! P.S. take a look at his IMDb photo. *dies*

Ian Somerhalder Ian Somerhalder is a man on a mission! The “Vampire Diaries” actor  has been on a nonstop rant about how bad he wants the role of Christian Grey and has even gone as far as to start a campaign to get the role. But is Ian our Christian Grey? I mean he does have the look in my opinion. He has the sinister eyes and wild hair. He looks like he can turn on the charm and be sweet but then flip on you if you do one wrong move.

Robert Pattinson Now before I even get into this one I KNOW Robbie would NOT want to do another franchise; especially one as high-profile as this but let me play devil’s advocate here. Rob’s hot! And that is a key factor for Christian; women swoon at the sight of him, blush with direct eye contact and fumble when he utters a word to them and I believe Robbie can exude that power. He looks great in a suit and he had crazy, sex hair way before my man C came into the picture. But Robbie in the film is a pipe dream. *sigh*

I think all of these men could be great contenders but then again there could be some hot, young grey-eyed god with sex hair just waiting to be discovered and this role could be the thing to change his life and ours! I just can’t wait until actual production on the film takes places so us ladies can have some idea of the actual date when our ovaries will explode. If you read the books, who do you have in mind for Christian Grey?

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74 thoughts on “The Quest For Christian Grey!

  1. sophie on said:

    Matt Bomer please. nom.

  2. Alexa on said:

    Matt Bomer is the only man I can see playing Christian. I never heard of Matt Bomer until I spotted a GORGEOUS picture of him and I said THAT IS CHRISTIAN. I can’t get enough, now I’m watching White Collar for the first time!

    • I knew the face but I didn’t know the name and when I saw a picture of him saying that he should play Christian I was like that’s the guy on White Collar. He’s SO hot! I really wish he’d accept the role if offered. Sad thing is I think he just recently came out :-/

      • Leanne on said:

        Matt bomer!! I hadn’t seen a pic of him before and when I seen his pick I thought omg its him! Even though he’s gay I still think he would be the perfect Christian! Although cant say it wouldn’t be heart breaking knowing how he would be THE Christian yet he has no interest in women lol! But him ALL the way! I guess if he gets the part us girls can look all we want but can never touch 😦

      • Ha, true. I doubt he will do it though. It’s probably not something he would want to do but whoever they chose I will still picture his face in the film. He’s just too perfect as Christian I can’t stand it!

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  4. Emmy on said:


  5. Raksha Cuore' on said:

    IAN SOMERHALDER OR NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jade Stoppard on said:

    Matt Bomer is Fifty personified. Scarily perfect, almost the exact image I had in my head as I viewed Christian. You should start a petition for Matt to play him, we NEED him to!

    • It’s SO scary and TOO perfect! He truly is Christian to me. How do we get this petition started?! We really do need him! And it’s so funny how no one really cares who plays Ana

  7. ASmailer on said:

    Matt Bomer is the absolute PERFECT Christian. Anyone else will not due him justice. I hope he is selected.

  8. The irony. A gay man playing Christian Grey lol. He is gorgeous though and if he can actually act as well, he’s perfect.

  9. Ruruz on said:

    Only problem with Matt Bomer is that he’s GAY 😦 soo guttered because he would have been PERFECT!

  10. Matt Bomer certainly brings the pretty, but can he bring the emotional power? Don’t forget that Christian has been through hell and is at heart a damaged, abused child. The role needs an actor who can turn emotional direction on a dime & give 9 cents change.
    My choice, based on the descriptions in the books, is a man I’ve been passionately in love with sine he played that dashing, sexy-as-hell CIA agent Michael Vaughn in “ALIAS”: the delicious MICHAEL VARTAN!! The smouldering eyes, the long lashes, the sculpted mouth, the crooked smile, the seXXy voice, the just-f***ed bed hair, the broad shoulders, the chiseled chest & back, the cat-like, athletic grace, the effortless hits-you-in-the-crotch sexual magnetism…
    E.L. James is clearly an “ALIAS” fan because the books are replete with Vartan references, such as his pool-playing ability, the face touching, the fluent French and his dry wit…Even his pronouncing certain words with a hard “T” sound at the end…
    And MIchael is so good at playing that tormented “dark night of the soul”…All you have to do is watch “HawthoRNe,” “Jolene,” and Season 4 of “ALIAS,” where Vaughn goes dark, to see what a master Michael is at saying everything with his eyes…

    • Ok, that was a lot lol but I love your passion! I have no idea who Michael Vartan is but I like him. I haven’t seen him in anything but I like his look! Maybe I need to check out some things that he’s in before I switch on my only choice Matt Bomer.

      • OMG – You’ve never watched “ALIAS”??? Go now, walk, don’t run to your Target or vid store & get all five seasons – go to YouTube & look up the episodes & fan videos…Go to & see the archives & read the fan fiction (click on “Cover Stories” & look for “Une Nuit” & “Strokes”)!!!!! You’ve never watched “HawthoRNe,” with Jada Pinkett Smith?? Michael vartan played Dr. Tom Wakefield and he was magnificent…I’d be constantly sick if he was my doctor!!!
        Get lots of ice & a fire extinguisher so you TV doesn’t spontaneously combust!!! He doesn’t explode in a fireball, he’s smoldering embers that burn a slow, hot heat…Watch his deep, beautiful grey/green eyes…If he doesn’t make you smoke, you’re DEAD…

      • You are incredibly hilarious! Ha, you are such a fan for him. I really want to see him now in the things you mentioned. But I’m so still on team Bomer.

  11. I hate my stupid typos
    Line 5: “since”
    Last line: “CHRISTIAN”!!! God, what is wrong with me tonight??

  12. dischick01 on said:

    I love Matt Bomer as Christian!! When I saw his pic, I said holy s***, it’s Christian Grey!! I think regardless of his sexual preference, he should take the roll!! I would be very happy with that:)

  13. Julie on said:

    To me Christian Grey is Alexander Skarsgård!!!!!

  14. erm me? on said:

    It HAS to be Matt Bomer he’s just so right for the role I’m like ‘afgksgf’ right now. He’s just HOT. And after seeing ian in the vampire diaries and robert in twilight that’s who they’ll always be to me, I need a fresh face otherwise I think it would ruin it for me..

  15. I had the same reaction to this photo “Its him!” *Drools*

  16. I’d definitely want the first choice if like what you have said he would look like that in the movie on his picture you have posted.. lol.. And, ok 50 shades ain’t for minors .. hahah .. Though I know minors are now unto it..

  17. 50shades addicted on said:

    I def vote for Boomer… he is the rial Mr Gray, that eyes, that mouth.. I regret to be too old for the role of Ana!!

  18. Banban on said:

    Mathhew Bomer for Christian Grey! For the win! I want him so bad! 🙂

  19. Yolande on said:

    OH MY OATH!! Matthew Bomer!! Exactly as I imagined ;p The dark “greyish” eyes, the grin on the jaw line – I’m in love AGAIN!! LoL!!

  20. Thank god it’s just not me who thinks about the books, christian grey and all that stuff all the time 😛

  21. Jessica on said:

    Matthew Bomer for sure!

  22. Oh My! Mr Matt Bomber! Christian Grey has materialized before my eyes! This is the first I have seen this actor (sorry White Collar not available on mainstream Aussie TV yet). This image of Matt is exactly how my Mr Grey would look! He. Is. Devine!

  23. Spollydolly on said:

    Definitely Matt Bomer if he can loll like the picture you have. I looked at the pics if Michael Vartan, who was enthusiastically recommended – he had possibilities 30 yrs ago. Way too old to play a 28 yr old now! I also like Christian Bale if can look young as well…some of his pics are definately Mr Fifty.

  24. tracy williams on said:

    omg….can’t beleive that pic of matt…’s defo the pic i had in mind, before seeing that i thought william levy would make a perfect christian too xxxxxxx

  25. Matt Bomer for sure he has that sexy look that any girl would fall for and thats wat Christian grey is all about, he has the hair the eyes and im sure he can play the roll really well. I had trouble deciding between both Matt and Ian but then i seen fan made trailers with matt bomer in it and OMG!!! Christian for sure. I’m a big twi hard fan to LOVE the twi saga, but i really don’t think Robert P would be a good chris i mean he has the sexy looks eyes and all but he’s already a Famous for a sexy vampire so i’d see y ppl would want him as christian grey but he’s not he edward cullen and that’s good enough for me we need another sexy guy to play the roll like Matt Bomer. So 100 percent MATT BOMER FOR ME!!!

    • Where are these fan made trailers Cassie? I must see these?! Ha, but Io agree since this is a highly anticipated role and it will change the life of whoever accepts it Christian should be someone who doesn’t already have an iconic role. I love me some Robbie but I’m all for Matt in this role, although I’m sure he won’t take it. 😦

  26. Ok, I think Mathew Bommer is the way to go…
    But how about the guy from supernatural, Hmm, Jensen Anckles…

  27. I like Matt and Ian ajdasdsad sooooo sexy!

  28. WOW! he is is seriously perfect. It’s just a bit of a Turn off that he’s Gay. But who cares I suppose .

  29. Loreta Gjondedaj on said:

    Senzaltro Matthew Bomer.incarna perfettamente l’immagine di Christian farà innamorare di nuovo di Christian.We love you

  30. Angela on said:

    Matthew Bomer HAS to be Christain Grey! That picture took my imagination into reality.

  31. Lourdes on said:

    Meninas, Matt Bonner é o meu 50 tons. Quando li o livro o personagem do Christian Grey, me passou ser um homem que transmitia muita sexualidade, e este ator me passa a sensualidade necessário para ser meu 50 tons e de muitas outras mulheres mundo afora. rsrsrsr

  32. ALLYSMILE on said:

    MATT BOMER!!!! IS PERFECT!!!!! ❤

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