A Glamberous Father’s Day Post!

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we celebrate and acknowledge the angels in our lives that are in the forms of fathers. There are many great father figures that we interact with everyday and some fictional ones that we also love and adore. Today I will show love to some of my favorite TV and Film fathers.

Phillip Banks aka Uncle Phil or Daddy was such a great TV dad! Successful judge and loaded with money in a beautiful home in Bel Air. Phillip Bank is the dad from popular 90’s show “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” In the show, most of the interaction we saw with Mr. Banks was with his nephew Will, played by Will Smith. At times he could be angry and loud but always loving and dedicated to his family and that’s why I love him.

Charlie Swan, the careful, cop dad from Forks, Washington with a clumsy daughter in love with a vampire. Dr. Carlisle Cullen or Edward Cullen are not the only fathers to look up to in “The Twilight Saga,” Charlie is the nonchalant dad who shows his love in subtle ways to his daughter; by buying her a car, giving her space to mourn a broken heart and ultimately letting his 18-year-old daughter run off and get married, if that’s not father/daughter love. I really like Charlie; especially in the last installment of “Twilight.”

Dr. Cliff Huxtable is the connoisseur of cozy sweaters and chocolate pudding. The dad of so many children and a husband to the beautiful Claire Huxtable was the witty, wise dad who used humor and love to raise his kids through their daily lives. Who wouldn’t love a dad to make you laugh while teaching you a lesson.

 Danny Tanner, the widowed father of three beautiful blonde girls, is the brown-haired dad from “Full House.” Taking on the responsibility of caring and housing three girls, a brother-in-law and best friend can sure take a toll on any man. Danny Tanner raised his girls to have morals, respect for their family and themselves. The most important thing in Danny’s life is girls and that is the sweetest thing.

Some of my other fav dads are: Al Bundy from “Married With Children”, Peter Griffin from “Family Guy”, George Banks from “Father of the Bride” and Michael Newman from “Click”. Who are your favorite fictional father figures? No matter what you call your father; dear ole dad, pop, daddy or papi, Glambergirlblog wishes and hopes he has a very happy father’s day!

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