Glambergirlblog Got Freshly Pressed!

What an honor! I always wondered what did I have to do to get my blog to be “freshly pressed” and featured on the home page of I just needed patience and I guess a worthy enough recap of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Thanks to that post and the 691 (and counting) of you who read that post, I landed a spot as a “freshly pressed” blog on the movie subject!

I am so ecstatic and grateful beyond words that you all took the time to read my post and I thank all of you that commented, liked and reposted my MTV Movie awards recap! “You are appreciated.” *Tupac voice*

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4 thoughts on “Glambergirlblog Got Freshly Pressed!

  1. Congrats! on Freshly Pressed. Sounds like you are very happy in the career you have chosen. That’s great. Great place to be in life.
    You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  2. carcarbone on said:

    So…what do you have to do to get on Freshly Pressed? Haha. Great blogs by the way

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