Operation Ki Ki: SUCCESS

My love and borderline obsession for Kristen Stewart is no secret here. I use absolutely every chance I get to talk about the beautiful actress so you can only imagine my utter relief and sheer excitement when I got the chance to meet the “Snow White and the Huntsman” star.

Last year is when I started attending The Today Show in order to get a glimpse of my beloved “Twilight”cast. The Today Show is the best chance for fans to get to meet some of their favorite celebs up close and personal. Often the celebs take the time to come out on the plaza and greet fans for in most cases have been waiting up to 24 hours to see them. In regards to “Twilight” fans it gets SO real. Fans are lined down the block, literally, waiting until 6:30 am to gain access into the plaza. The plaza can be a hit or miss. First, you have to get a spot right behind the barricades and second, you have to hope the celeb you are there to see comes the direction you are standing. Luckily for me and some Kristen fans the odds were in our favor that morning.

After waiting for what seems like days it was finally 8:30 am and Today anchor Ann Curry assured the anxious Kristen fans that she was coming out on the plaza to get interviewed but was not sure if she would stop and sign autographs and take pictures. My heart was in my throat as HBG (Hot bodyguard – Stew fans know) came out and took a look at the perimeter. I knew she was there and would come to us at that point. The most surreal moment of my life thus far was when Ki Ki came out and locked eyes with me, Ha. I laugh because I know how crazy that sounds but I simply adore that girl. She did as much as she could with the limited time she had at Today. I asked for a picture and she obliged. She accidentally wrote on me and we had a small exchange with her apologizing. She was quiet and didn’t say much with her fans but all K fans know how shy she gets. I’m just so happy I FINALLY was able to meet her, if only for a little bit. Check out my video for the entire experience.


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4 thoughts on “Operation Ki Ki: SUCCESS

  1. Erica on said:

    Hey girl I was so bummed I didn’t know that she was going to be at the today. I would’ve live to meet her. Happy to know u had a chance. I hope I will get lucky in the future. We need to get Rob 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, this is amazing.

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