Question of The Day: Why All The Cuteness Robsten?

I hate that I have to do this but the cuteness is just too good to not share! I do not want to be a crazy paparazzi for Robsten but they kind of make me that way. Their cuteness is going to be the death of me!

At the “On The Road” after party in France, Robbie and Ki Ki got extra close and extra cute! I think Robbie may have been a little tips but he handled it well. That KISS, that sweet caress and loving sway had me gasping for air. I am such a fan girl for this couple and I will ruin the life of whoever breaks this dynamic duo up! This is  a major invasion of privacy but Robsten fans everywhere are shrieking with joy from this footage. Sorry Rob and Kristen but the world should know about this love.

P.S. thanks to Robert Pattinson Life and X17 Online for the footage.

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One thought on “Question of The Day: Why All The Cuteness Robsten?

  1. Peter Leeds
    Wow! This actually is exploring wonderful

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