A Girl’s Dream at ‘COLOR’ STORY

Talk about my dream world! Today I discovered the greatest story ever, literally! STORY is a 2,000 square foot store located at 144 Tenth Avenue (at 19th Street) in New York City with such a unique approach to retail. The mastermind behind this amazing concept is Rachel Shechtman who combined her love of integrating marketing and fashion and created .

The story is simple! Imagine looking at your favorite fashion magazine and wishing the actual magazine could be a store, *insert here* STORY. The store is described as a space that can transform much like a gallery and is filled with objects that inspire and change often. I spoke with Jason Cadbau, retail worker with, and he gave me all the details about how each story unfolds.

“Well, we change our store every four to eight weeks and after that process we redesign the entire layout and we change all the products for your viewing, so each four to eight weeks you get a brand new experience.” This cycle’s theme was a ‘color story’ but this wasn’t the first. “Our first theme was the New York Internet Start Up story, followed by the love story and now the color story.”

Color is a concept that can not be ignored in this store. All the items were well-organized by color and scheme throughout the spacious store. STORY is definitely a one stop shop. You could purchase everything from shoes, jewelery, clothing, electronic device accessories, books and so much more. With such a beautiful layout I was hoping Jason had a heads up on the next theme. “No, that’s under wraps right now but we keep our followers in the mix by having them join our mailing list,” which I happily did.

Girls, check out It may be your new obsession!

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One thought on “A Girl’s Dream at ‘COLOR’ STORY

  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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