Tia Mowry Leaves The Game!

WHAT?! A little birdy known as Twitter confirmed that Tia Mowry aka Mrs. Derwin Davis aka Medschool is leaving BET’s The Game. But on another side, rumors are swirling that Tia was fired!

Tia took to Twitter and tweeted, “Just wanted to let all my fans know that I will not be returning to The Game for season 6. It was an incredible run and I had lots of fun along the way. I am looking forward to my upcoming projects…the release of my book #OhBaby [today!], season 2 of @TiaTameraShow on @mystyle premiering in June, and my @ABCFamily movie coming out in December…more to come! love u so much.” And get this; Pooch Hall may be leaving as well!

I can’t believe this! Now I do admit I fell off from The Game but Melanie and Derwin were the main reasons I watched the damn show in the first place. With them gone who really cares about anything else? I mean do you all really care? Man, another good show bites the dust. *le sigh*

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