‘Desperate Housewives’ Say Goodbye

We finally kissed them goodbye! After eight seasons and eight years we finally said goodbye to the deceitful, sexy and desperate women of Wisteria Lane.

Back in 2004 we met our main four desperate housewives Susan Delfino, then Mayer, Lynette Scavo, Bree Van de Kamp, once Hodge, and Gabrielle Solis all through the narration of Mary Alice Young. Over the seasons we watched the fights, the back stabs, the murders, the affairs, the weddings, the births, deaths and so much more! These ladies were sure busy on that little lane.The announcement of the shows final season brought shock and no surprises to some.

The last memory we were given of Desperate Housewives was Susan Delfino taking one last drive through Wisteria Lane with her son MJ, daughter Julie and new grandchild as all the deceased neighbors of the lane looked on. In the meantime as a new lady moved on to the block and into Susan’s house she suspiciously hid a box in a private cabinet. And we all were thinking it…(click photo).

Mostly every Sunday we were glued to our television sets to see the latest secrets that were going to be revealed and hear epic commentary and, for me, great words of wisdom from the late Mary Alice. The show had a great run and I’m glad it went off on a high. The desperate ladies will be missed! But now the question raises: What on Earth could replace such a ground breaking, pop culture show on Sunday nights on ABC now? Hmmm.

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