Scared As Sh*t Movies!

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I don’t know what’s so fun about being scared when watching movies? Maybe it’s the anticipation of knowing something is about to happen, the luring music that makes your heart beat faster or the high-pitched scream that comes from the grown man sitting next to you but being scared is a very complex emotion that comes out when watching cinema.

I mean you have your typical mass murderers: Freddy, Michael, Jason and Chucky. They are in fact really scary but it’s something more about certain elements of horror films that, to put it simple, scare the sh*t out of you. Here are some of my ‘scared as sh*t movies’.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space – Now don’t laugh! This is a film I saw as a child and where my general hate of clowns came from. I literally have had recurring nightmares about this damn movie. Watching it as an adult, it’s completely a joke; pure 80’s film but about Killer Klowns from outer space killing humans by turning them into cotton candy cocoons and drinking their blood with silly straws; sounds dumb, I know but watch it and you’ll never see clowns the same.

Vacancy – I find movies the most frightening when it can change your perception on a place. I swear after seeing “Vacancy” I refuse to stay in any motel! I mean you never know what creep is watching you and plotting to come into your room through some secret passage way and murder you in the most obscure way.

Funny Games – Ah yes, the calm and collected killer always gets me. A killer who not only plays mind games with you but drags out your eminent death. “Funny Games” is so terrifying because it’s so random and you don’t realize you’re in trouble until it’s too late. You are honestly frightened for this family and are on the edge of your seat watching all the torment unfold.

Wind Chill – I remember watching this movie and was really shaken up by it from all the jumping I was doing. “Wind Chill” is not your typical ghost story! Two college students travel across the country to get home during winter break and get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Not only do they have to fight to stay alive in the freezing cold but they have to figure out how to kill something that’s already dead. VERY scary.

What are some movies that had you scared out of your mind?

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3 thoughts on “Scared As Sh*t Movies!

  1. I didn’t see Killer Klowns until I was an adult and, even though I could tell it was supposed to be funny, those clowns were pretty creepy in parts. Something I just watched this weekend that scared me was the Thai movie Shutter.

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