Happy 26th Robbie!!!

Attention Ladies and Gentleman; not only is today Mother’s Day but it is the birthday of London’s greatest specimen! Actor Robert Pattinson is turning 26 today! Robbie is currently in London gearing up for the Cannes Film Festival and I’m sure he will spend his special day with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who is also in London working.

To celebrate Robbie’s bday I can think of no other cliché way than to list a few reasons why I love him so.

  • Robbie gives the best facial expression ever
  • He gives the best interviews with the most inside dish
  • His movie commentary’s should win a funny award
  • He really loves him some Kristen Stewart
  • He played Edward Cullen, duh
  • Robbie is the sweetest to his fans
  • “Bel Ami”, The Twilight Saga, “Remember Me”, “Water For Elephants”, you get the point

  • He can play the piano and sing his butt off
  • He pops his collars when he dances
  • His infectious smile and laugh
  • He loves beer and junk food
  • Robbie actually is a good actor despite popular disbelief
  • He does hot photo shoots

And this list could go on and on so I’ll just stop here by saying I hope Robbie has a great 26th birthday and year and is some where getting wasted with Ki Ki! Happy Birthday Rob!!

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