Photo Opp: Robert Pattinson Looking Boss in Premiere

Oh my word, there’s two of them! This by far has to be THEE best photo shoot for Robert Pattinson ever!!In the special Cannes edition of Premiere magazine Robbie is giving me so much boss in these pics; he looks so damn good!

In the issue Robbie takes some very daring pics; one of which has Robbie upside down on his back over a turned over couch with a huge cut in his stomach; VERY scary but some how I find it VERY sexy. There are more pics compiled with TWO Robbie’s and they both are equally handsome. I feel like it portrays both of Rob’s personas; the serious actor and the lazy English boy.

We not only get GREAT photos of Robbie but we get a great article about his thoughts on acting, his upcoming roles and how “Cosmopolis” gave him balls. In the article Rob is his typical charismatic self filled with funny tidbits about moments on set, “Twilight” and his cute insecurities about growing as an actor. Read here for all the scoop in the article.

This is seriously why I really like Robbie! He has not let all his success go to his head and still strives to be better. Robbie has an expected five, count them people, FIVE projects in the works! Robbie is in high demand and I really hope he’ll be one of those Hollywood actors that we will know and love until they are old and gray!

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