It’s your special day stoners! 4/20 is a day celebrated for the Bob Marley heads who love rolling up a fat one. OK, that didn’t even sound right coming out of my mouth let alone my virtual fingers. So just read here to find about the origins of 4/20 and read below to find out about my favorite stoners.

James Franco – Franco is noted to be a huge stoner. His roles in “Your Highness” and “Pineapple Express” are examples alone at how good he is stoned.

Rihanna – Ri Ri is no stranger to smoking weed! She talks, tweets and takes photos about it. No shame in her game and that’s why we love her!

Craig and Smokey – Everybody’s favorite day of the week, Friday, was made even more popular thanks to the movie. Who didn’t love Smokey and Craig’s funny convos while hanging on the porch “relaxing”.

Who are your favorite stoners?

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2 thoughts on “4/20

  1. The2ndmostinterestingmanintheworld on said:

    How can you not have the weed smoking godfathers Cheech n Chong or the get high classic starring Dave Chapel HALF BAKED C’mon glambergirlblog

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