Those Were The Days

Back when a Mac Pro was a Macintosh computer and R.L. Stine was the king of horror; there are some things about my childhood that I miss deeply. Back in the 90’s I lived for television and the times when I logged on to my family computer not to update my status but to play my favorite computer games. Here are some of the things I miss about my childhood.

Classic Game Shows –  When you were in the supermarket and you heard the beep you could NOT forget “Supermarket Sweep “. This was a game show I always wanted to go on. I even remember my sisters and I playing the finale round in the house, we loved this game so much! I mean how could you not love a game that combined food and money; brilliant idea! “Shop Til You Drop” was another classic game show that combined some of my greatest loves, shopping and money.

Macintosh Computer Games – I remember the day my dad set up the family Macintosh computer. I had just gotten home from a Girl’s Scout meeting and I saw the glow of a computer coming from the dining room. I stayed on the computer playing the classic games. I was a religious Oregon Trial and Super Munchers player but my favorite had to be Thinkin’ Things 2! That game consisted of matching, music and logic games but the music is something I can never forget.

90’s Nick  – From “Are You Afraid of the Dark” to “All That”, Nickelodeon in the ’90s had me glued to my television set! There were so many good programs on and I’m sure every kid wanted to be on “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and “Family Double Dare.”

Barbie  – Barbie was the sugar, honey, iced-tea when I was growing up. I had every single Barbie doll that came out! I was such a fan I even owned the Barbie work-out tape and knew every word to Barbie’s “Think Pink“.

What do you miss from your childhood?

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