Love it of Hate it?

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to ridicule and controversy. Her every move is calculated and scrutinized and she’s received some very negative backlash over the years but in this photo I think she looks fab! I think Lind Lo is a very beautiful girl but I always prefered her as a red-head. I think the color makes her stand out and looks amaze on her face. Although in this photo is looks blondeish-red; I still dig it.

Linds was spotted shopping with her sis Ali in LA and she looks better than ever. Her hair looks so good under that floppy hat and I’m all for the outfit as well. I totally love this look! Do you agree?


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2 thoughts on “Love it of Hate it?

  1. I think it’s beautiful, very Brigitte Bardot. Both this and the wine Red she had initially are very nice on her. The Blonde was very Blonde ambition sexy but aged her and made her look even thinner.

    I don’t like that top worn as a dress though. Dropped waists still need to be worn over a skirt or pants.

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