Tay Laut Gets Slimed!

As if we didn’t already swoon over Tay Tay but him getting slimed on this years Kids Choice Awards was icing on an already well sculpted beef cake. Taylor Lautner did not walk the red carpet but was announced to be there. His name wasn’t read off when the show opened and announced all the stars viewers were expected to see so I thought maybe Tay didn’t show up.

The nominees for ‘Favorite Buttkicker’ were read off and Tay was one of them. I was literally at my television like this until I heard his name called as the winner.

The very next segment of the show Tay was joined by host Will Smith in a push-up contest. And in my mind I said, yes please! After successfully doing “100” or “1000” push-ups, who really cares, I just enjoyed the work out, Tay was slimed and I mean the boy got SLIMED! And to top it off Tay was such a good sport about it and allowed all the gooey mess to slap him in his perfectly created face.

And ladies I know what you were thinking. Who was going to help Tay get all that slimey substance off? Did he need a sponge bath? Did someone have to hose him down? Whichever method they chose believe me I would have been first in line to volunteer!


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