Are You Ready To Get Punk’D?

Punk’D is back and ready to prank some of your favorite celebs but this time a new and very interesting twist has been added. There’s set NO host. You heard me; no Kutcher to plot the elaborate tricks on the unknowing celebs. This time around for season 9 there will be a random slew of celebrity host punking their friends. I was all against this until I saw Kellan Lutz in the promo and my bell went “ding” and then I was all for it! Check out the trailer for season 9 debuting on MTV next week on Thursday March 29 at 10pm. Who are looking forward to get punk’d?

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2 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Get Punk’D?

  1. Hola (Hello),

    I Did not watch the show much, but if Jennifer Lopez has not gotten Punk’d…I would really like to see that!!

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