“We’re the same temperature now”

All together now, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” *breathes heavily* Ok, now that we got that out it’s time to dissect what can only be described as the best. saga. EVER! I kinda like how Summit likes to torture us Twihards with little bits and pieces of “Breaking Dawn Part 2” being released every now and then. As you should know the first trailer for “Breaking Dawn Part 2” is going to be seen in theaters on the opening night for “The Hunger Games” on March 23 and hitting the web on Monday, March 26 but today we got a 14 second teaser of what is to come; talk about March Madness!

What we got! Ok from the teaser we got Taylor Lautner aka Jacob filling out a brown/tan shirt; yum. We got to see a quick glimpse of Bella, Kristen Stewart, whipping her lovely mane as she runs with that vampire speed through the woods, and we got to see Edward, as Wendy Williams would say, friend in my head, Robert Pattinson, holding is his wife’s hand *squeals*and saying, “we’re the same temperature now,” *collectively now* “awwww”.

What we know! *SPOILER* It goes DOWN in BDP2! After a snicth, Irina, goes to the Volturi and tells them about Renesme, Nessie, the Volturi is led to believe that the Cullens turned a human child into a vampire which is SO against the law in their world and they are convinced to kill “Nessie” and the Cullen clan once and for all. SO the Cullens must come up with this plan and must gather witnesses to prove Nessie is no harm, she special and she is a half-breed, human AND vampire. That’s  like a ball park synopsis of what the book is about in the half where the film stopped.

What to expect! From the pending trailer given what we know I am expecting some key points. We know we are going to see Bella as a vampire. That’s a pivotal point in the second part. I am expecting to see Renesme; and Bella and Edward’s interaction as parents. I expect to see some lead up to this epic battle in the field and a glimpse of all the new characters in the second part of the film.

It’s only a trailer so I’m sure they won’t give us too much but what are you anticipating?

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