Operation Failed!

By now you all know a goal in my life is to meet Kristen Stewart and in my perfect world one day I will sit across from her with a mic in my hard or lapel ready to ask her those bubble gum questions as an entertainment news reporter and today I thought one of those goals were sure to be met but I was majorly let down.

I was on what we now will call “Operation Ki Ki” early this morning to catch a glimpse of my fav actress at The Today Show in NYC and all I got was a measly TV pic *sad face*. Krissy is prone to take the time to acknowledge her fans in the Rockefeller plaza but today she simply did her interview with the beauty known as Charlize Theron to promote SWATH, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, and bounced! The nerve of her to hop right on a plane out of New York as well!

I admit I was a little upset at Krissy. I mean how could she do that to us fans who were waiting such a long time to see her and to simply up and leave without a mere tussle of her hair *sigh* but I have strong love for Ki Ki and I’m going to assume it was not personal and my time to meet her will be soon. ( P.S. I know this sounds crazy but us Virgo’s have a thing called obsession and she is my latest craze.)

All is not lost; today an extended and equally incredible NEW trailer for SWATH has been released and we got more of the top-secret British accent of Krissy’s, some more Huntsmen, some dwarfs, a milk covered Charlize and some jaw dropping effects; I’m not just saying this because I love Kristen but this movie truly looks like the sugar, honey iced tea! Don’t you agree?


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