We all have the capability to reach a boiling point. In real life these boiling points can result from someone taking your parking spot, a male forgetting to put the toilet seat down or a more severe incident like a broken heart or some form of betrayal. In cinema when we see a character reach their boiling point it makes for a great movie moment. I get 100% caught up in movies and can completely feel the same emotion the actor portraying these characters are feeling and that is what makes a hell of an actor in my opinion. Below are my top, snapped moment in recent cinema.

Waiting to Exhale” – Let it Burn: Ladies! We all know we wanted to have the guts to do what Bernadine Harris, played by Angela Bassett, did in “Waiting to Exhale” to at least one ex. Now Bernie burning all her ex’s things isn’t the main focus in this scene but it’s what she’s saying while she’s doing it. It’s so much pain and hurt behind her actions that is makes me tear up every time.

“Revolutionary Road” – Empty Shell:  In 2008 Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet was paired again on-screen this time as a 1950’s husband and wife. “Revolutionary Road” is a very complex story but one thing that stands out to me in that film is Frank Wheeler’s breakdown. The scene is not only beautifully shot but Leo does an amazing job snapping as Frank. I really feared for April Wheeler, Winslet, in this scene and felt devastated for Frank and his crumpling marriage.

“Why Did I Get Married Too?” MY HOUSE : Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too” received mixed reviews from many people. I didn’t find the second one as entertaining as the first one but the one scene when Patricia played by Janet Jackson goes off on Gavin about her money, whooo, it’s a good scene. I don’t know if it’s because I always wanted to go ham on a room full of glass like that or if it’s seeing shy little Janet go nuts like that. Either way the scene was amazing!

“Walk the Line”Nobody’s Perfect : “Walk the Line” tells the story of country music legend Johnny Cash and his rise to fame. The story very much revolves around the love affair he had with country artist June Carter and the effect it had on his wife. The scene when Vivian Cash refuses to allow Johhny to hang a photo of June Carter in his work space and the actions that follow are very emotional. You see both of these characters really snap on each other; something they’ve been holding back the entire movie. If you do see it look out for this scene close to the end.

“Soul Food”“Family” : “Soul Food” is a great film that show the ups and downs of an African-American family centered around the matriarch of the family Mama Joe. When Mama Joe gets sick the family goes down a hectic spiral that is stressful on all family members. Leading up to a family event Terri discovers her husband Miles cheating on her with her cousin Faith, talk about drama! Terri naturally goes off on Miles and Faith when she confronts the situation and it made for a great movie moment. If you haven’t seen this film yet please get on it.

Do you have any snapped movie moments that come to mind?

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