A Glamberous Valentine’s Day Special

Well lovers it’s that time of year again. Bring out the conversation hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, teddy bears and sentimental Hallmark cards. I for one will be busy most of Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d take the time now to make a special glambergirlblog post celebrating this romantic holiday. I had post about a month or so ago about my favorite real life couples but on this holiday I wanted to acknowledge my favorite fictional lovers so without further adieu, here we go! Allie and Noah — Anybody with a heart and that has seen “The Notebook” can not tell me you didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside after watching that movie. Allie and Noah had a love that lasted until the very end and every time I see that scene with “a room looking over the river so I can paint” I just want to bawl! *fights back tears*

Bella and Edward — Say what you want about “Twilight” but Edward and Bella have any amazing love story. From the very beginning they were drawn together by a force they had no idea could be so powerful, love. From break-ups to dramatic make-ups the couple ended up joined together in marriage and will live together forever as a family with their beautiful baby girl. *sigh* I’m still waiting for a sparkly guy to show up in a Volvo for me.

Gina and Martin — Funny man and sometimes rude radio host Martin Pain may have played it all hard on the outside but when it came to his lady Gina he would melt like M & M’s on a summer’s day. I still cry on the episode Martin proposes to Gina. Martin and Gina were like two peas in a pod and that’s what made their relationship so special.

Chuck and Blair — Manhattan’s elite and one of the most fashionable couples Chuck and Blair will always live on in my heart. Although Blair is on the verge of marrying royalty and Chuck is, well Chuck is still Chuck Bass; “Chair” will still have some on the most iconic love moments to me. And “Gossip Girl” fans we all know what went down in the back of that limo; the purr still rings in Chuck’s ear I’m sure.

Dwayne and Whitley– I guess I’m a sucker for a wedding because Dwayne Wayne speaking up during the vows of Whitley’s wedding gives me chills. Whitley and Dwayne was intertwined in a crazy love affair for years: friends then not friends, engaged then enemies until they became lawfully wedded husband and wife. I love how Whitley was the pampered princess brought down to Earth by the Brooklyn brainiac. I simply adore their love story.

Carrie and Big — I can’t talk about love without talking about that great ‘Big’ love of “Sex and the City”.We all know Carrie loved her some Big and as Charlotte kindly pointed out she has been dating the man for “TEN YEARS.” The wedding the first time around may have not turned out so great but Carrie and John “Big” Preston did get their happy ending.

There are so many fictional couple I love that this list could go on and on but I’ll end it here saying Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! Have a safe and sexy one! 😉

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