My Fictional Fashion Icons

As I was creating my post the other day about the Sex And The City prequel it made me think a lot about fashion! SATC was much about sex and love as it was clothes and dressing to impress. Carrie Bradshaw has become such a standout fictional character in the fashion world that I began to think about other fictional characters that I look to for fashion ideas and generally adore their fashion style.

Carrie Bradshaw — When a true fashionista thinks of New York and fashion Carrie Bradshaw should come to mind. Although all the ladies of Sex And The City had such a great sense of style Carrie always stood out to me as the pioneer of the bunch. She wasn’t afraid to wear lingerie as a dress or put “a bird” on her head as a wedding head-piece. And I love how she “struts around Park avenue” like she’s on a runaway. Everyday was a fashion show for her and I love that!

Blair Waldorf — Upper East Siders should be so glad Queen B aka Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf is not real. Blair simply rules the UES with her vintage fashion and elegant pumps. I think I only seen Blair wear jeans once and I adore that. She’s a girly girl when it comes to fashion and that’s exactly how I am; dresses and skirts. Blair always slays a bag and a coat I would steal off her back if she was real. She has a closet I would definitely LOVE to raid.

Holly Golightly — Three words, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. For all those who have not seen this classic film should go see it NOW! You have no idea about the fashion that you are missing. Holly Golightly is such a classic beautiful in the movie and is the epitome of glam. I mean who else can wear a full length ball gown to enjoy coffee outside of a jewelry store and can wear a full face of makeup to bed with the most amazing looking eye mask I’ve ever seen; Holly Golightly can!

Cher Horowitz — The ditzy blonde of Beverly Hills was the envious of all high school girls. Plaid minis, knee-high socks, and sweater vests never looked so good. Cher’s fashion even transcended into her school work. Lord knows after seeing this film I insisted only writing with furry pens. Cher wore her designer labels like a suit of armor and wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of mary jane platform pumps. Cher was the definition of ‘too cool for school’.

This list could go on and on so help me out; who are some of your fictional fashion favs?

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