And It Starts!!!

It seems like Summit and Bill Condon are not going to torture us for an entire ELEVEN MONTHS when it comes to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Part 2 . Only a few mere weeks into the new year and already things are out promoting the movie. I haven’t heard any major stories about leaking content so I think it’s safe to say these teasers are on purpose.

I came across not only one but TWO BDP2  movie posters and they look legit; not those hyped up fanmade poster but actual promotional posters for the November 16, 2012 film. The first poster depicts our favorite newborn Bella Cullen, played by my girl Kristen Stewart, as a vampire. Her back is towards us so we can’t get a full view of the newly transformed vampire but that gorgeous mane of hair looks off the chain. The second poster I came across has newlyweds Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, and Bella Cullen along with their beautiful baby girl Renesmee, played by Mackenzie Foy. They slay in this poster! They all look so mysterious and overall great! Is that an elegant bow tie I see Edward wearing? DIED!

Not only do us Twihards get TWO posters but we also get Breaking Dawn Part 1 on DVD next month, which is SO much earlier than I expected, and a sneak peek at Breaking Dawn Part 2. ALREADY?! I am so proud of Summit for finally giving us fans what we want. On Friday, February 10 Target is hosting a release party for the midnight sale of BDP1 on DVD at 11 p.m at 500 stores across the country and will be showing an exclusive clip from the new film. Did you pass out yet? I can barely contain composure. I’m hoping each month until November we get more and more little tidbits from the movie; that would so happen in my ideal world.

So talk to me Twihards! Excited much?

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