The Other Side of Our Favorite Rivals

I never really understood why people compare popular franchises Harry Potter and Twilight. I guess maybe both stem from popular books. They both have a huge, insane fan base. They both are filled with Hollywood’s hottest, young celebs and they both are, to put it simple, AWESOME! Well, I guess I can see it. Now I’m TeamTwilight  all the way but I still have a vague idea about the concept of Harry Potter  and found these parodies hilarious!

The Harry Potter parody of “Goblet of Fire” on The Soup is so damn funny I can’t take it! The mash-up of the scenes is genius! That video also made me think of an interview I saw of Tom Felton on Conan O’Brien addressing “Drarry”. I know Potter fans know what that is. The photos had me dying!

Now just because I’m a Twihard doesn’t mean I can’t pick fun at my own team. I discovered a version of this video on a very funny Tumblr page and was in tears! Whoever created this video has totally changed the infamous “tent scene” for me. OMG it’s so good!

No matter what team you’re on everybody can enjoy these good laughs; Check them out!

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2 thoughts on “The Other Side of Our Favorite Rivals

  1. LOL! Why on earth is edward’s facial expression like that?

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