Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer?

Looks like the hype for the finale of the Twilight Saga is heating up already. Fans are still hopped up on the bed-breaking vampire sex of Breaking Dawn Part 1 to even begin to grasp the idea of the second part our beloved saga but that doesn’t stop the rumor mill.

Word is at tomorrow’s night People’s Choice Awards, airing at 9/8 c on CBS, a Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer will premiere. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Hold up! Don’t people know it’s dangerous to play with a Twihards emotions! It’s only January for pete’s sake; why would a trailer premiere THIS early for one. And for two EVERYbody knows that’s sooooooo MTV’s job to debut ANY Twilight  trailer. I mean they’ve only done it for the past three movies at their Movie Awards. Nice try People’s Choice; way to get more teenage girls and Twi moms to tune in.

A good rumor that is actually true is that Twi star Robert Pattinson WILL be at the show; he’s nominated for ‘Favorite Movie Actor’.We haven’t seen Robbie since BD promotion; and we miss our favorite fictional vamp. I was going to tune in any way but will the added rumor bring in more viewers? Only time will tell.

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