I Love My HBCU!

The other day I was watching “Drumline”. Ya know the Nick Cannon flick about the kid who went down south to attend college on a band scholarship at the fictional HBCU Atlanta A & T. It got me to thinking about my days as an undergrad at my HBCU and how much I missed it.

For those of you who do not know what a HBCU is I’ll fill you in. HBCU stands for Historically Black College or University and there are 105 of them in the US. I attended one of the few HBCUs that are up north, Delaware State University (DSU), WHICH ranked #15 on a list of 20 for US News, not too shabby. My time at DSU was incredible! I met some of the best people in my life there and experienced so many wonderful things at my university that I will always hold dear so every time I watch a film or TV show that references HBCUs I get a little emotional and that’s why I compiled my favorite HBCU film/TV moments.

  • Homecoming on “School Daze”- If there is one thing you should put on your bucket list it should be to attend a homecoming at a HBCU. These are not your typical run of the mill homecomings, we party HARD when we get to come again for a week of events. The homecoming scene in “School Daze” is my favorite part of the film especially the performance part.
  • Probate on “Stomp the Yard” – I am not personally affiliated with any Greek letter organization but I know many people who are members of fraternities or sororities. There’s no feeling like seeing someone you know cross over into a Greek organization knowing how hard they worked. Plus the probates are always fun to watch.
  • Popular late 80s sitcom “A Different World” –  “A Different World” was a very popular African-American based sitcom that followed the lives of the characters that attended fictional HBCU, Hillman College. I LOVED everything about that show. I appreciate the re-runs so much more after having attended a HBCU. There are way too many great moments in this show to name. You’ll just have to catch up on season 1-6 at your leisure.

For all those who attended HBCUs, what were your favorite memories?

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4 thoughts on “I Love My HBCU!

  1. Shanae on said:

    Love it!!

  2. It’s always good to show and share our HBCU pride with the world! Check out when you have a chance. I think you’ll like it! -cad

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