False Taylor Lautner Gay Cover

For a while now rumors about Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner’s sexuality has come into question. There are many people that truly believe the star is gay and waiting for the perfect time to come out of the closet.

The hype went into full gear and on a timeline near you when a false People magazine preview cover hit the Internet with a cover story featuring Taylor supposedly coming out of the closet. Leave it to Twitter to be up to speed on things. The fake cover landed Tay as a trending topic and left fans distraught and confused.

Of course the story was proven to be incorrect. A rep for People confirmed to Gossip Cop that the story was absolutely false.

If these rumors about my Tay don’t stop! I mean if the boy is gay or straight it’s his business and shouldn’t be questioned. It’s sad that rumors about personal aspects of your life have to be speculated about as part of the rules of fame. *heavy sigh*


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One thought on “False Taylor Lautner Gay Cover

  1. just want to say big thank for the post to you!

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