Bel Ami = HOT, HOT, HOT!

At first I was little unsure about Twilight cutie Robert Pattinson playing in other roles outside of the franchise. Yes he’s done other movies and I liked them but I didn’t think they really did anything to advance his career. But the recent film Pattinson finished up entitled Bel Ami might just have the will power to catapult him into the realm of Oscar buzz.

Now I’ve seen the first trailer that was released about the Guy de Maupassant novel that follows a young mans rise to the top in Paris and all the women he encounters along the way. It was ok. It got me mildly interested in the plot and having a hot guy like Rob as the leading character didn’t hurt but a NEW trailer has been released that left me wanting to pre-order my ticket.

Ladies if the PG-13 Edward Cullen doesn’t do it for you then the, dear God I hope, R-rated Georges Duroy will definitely do it for you. The trailer has some very and I mean VERY steamy moments between Rob’s character and his leading ladies. I mean Rob does play sort of a womanizer in the film but when you look that good how can women really resist.

Check out the trailer and see for yourself? Will you support Bel Ami?


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2 thoughts on “Bel Ami = HOT, HOT, HOT!

  1. Well, it will be a change to see Rob in a role like this, as opposed to the Twilight movies! 🙂

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