It’s Christmas Time!

I’ve had a sudden burst of holiday cheer and thought I’d spread it around and share some holiday clips that made me smile, laugh or both! As well as my favorite holiday movies and music.

This past Saturday late night talk show host and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jimmy Fallon came back to host the show. Fallon alongside other SNL cast mates joined singer Michael Buble in a sketch promoting a fictitious duet Christmas album. Fallon’s sting impression is my favorite.

You may have already seen this viral video of Preston Leatherman dancing around with his ipod to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” in a very festive Christmas sweater. For all of you who have not, prepare to fall in love. I didn’t have a strong like or dislike for Carey’s classic Christmas tune but after watching this clip I LOVED the song. If this video doesn’t have you smiling or dancing consider yourself a Grinch.

There are many holiday movies out there and I think my FAVorite would be The Family Stone. The story is this. A guy brings home his girlfriend for the holidays but the family does not really like her. This Christmas is different because the guy wants “the family stone” *hint, hint, title of the movie* to propose and then the story unfolds from there. I won’t spoil the entire plot you just have to check it out. Another holiday classic I love is Home Alone. You have not experienced the holidays until you’ve seen Macaulay Culkin sing “White Christmas” in a towel.

Now on to Christmas music. There are so many songs, so many renditions, and so many choices I really can’t pick a favorite. I love them all but I will say my most played Christmas tune may be The Beach Boys “Little Saint Nick“. That song really puts me in a cheery mood.

What are your favorite holiday clips, music and movies?


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