Kobe Bryant Divorced

After 10 years, rumors of infidelity, a lockout, and two beautiful children, Los Angles Laker Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are getting a divorce.

News that Vanessa filed for divorce hit the media circuit on Friday, December 16. Vanessa citing the reasoning for the depart of the NBA Champion Bryant as “irreconcilable differences”. It was also reported that the soon-to-be ex’s do not have a pre-nup in place. Women all over the world were screaming, “She about to get paid” and men were giving out heavy sighs and shaking their heads.

Despite money involved the issue with the ex couple’s children will also be an important matter to handle. Seeing that basketball season is about to start and Kobe will endure long hours of training, practice and actual games it’s a good chance that Vanessa will land the majority of the responsibility of their girls.

Divorce can be a difficult time let alone having the details unfold in the public eye so I hope the two can have as much as a private divorce as they can and things stay cordial. How do you feel about the divorce news of Kobe?


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