Favorite Celebrity Couples of 2011

We are so close to the end of the year and all over people are buzzing about ‘the top this’ and ‘the top that’ of 2011 so I decided to make a few posts about my favorite things of 2011.

I am a true romantic and to see cutesy couples always make me smile especially when the rich and famous are not afraid to show PDA for their counterparts and after careful consideration I compiled a top 5 list of my favorite celebrity couples.

5. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose — When news of this unlikely couple was made public people were scratching their head and saying “WTF” is Amber thinking. The couple exchanged contact info on Twitter and has been kicking ever since. Even for those who do not follow either of the two on Twitter I’m sure you’ve seen many of the raunchy sometime intimate pics the couple has posted online. They seem to be really into each other and Wiz even took Amber to see Breaking Dawn which makes this couple A OK in my book!

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z — Of course the power couple made my list. When you have R & B’s top diva married to one of Hip Hop’s greatest MC’s how can you NOT be a great couple. Beyonce and Jay-Z has not been too public with their relationship and that’s why I think they work. They keep most of their lives private and are joined at the hip. They are clearly each others best friend and their relationship is the cutest. Not to mention the two are expecting their first child together. These two are about their business, each other and a family and that’s why they made my list.

3. Kourtney Kardashain and Scott Disick — Now Kourtney and Scott has had their share of problems and Scott may be a douchelord but he does truly love Kourtney in my eyes. When this couple is cold they are cold but when they are hot they are HOT! Kourtney and Scott seem to have found a balance in their relationship that works for them despite what people think. They are raising a very handsome son together with another bundle of joy on the way. I like couples that make their own rules instead of following ones that are already made.

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez — The two youngsters of the group are giving the older couples a run for their money. They may be described as puppy love but to me they are super cute. When I found out they were a real, REAL couple I was a little shocked but the more I see the two together the more I like it. These two are also not shy when it comes to PDA. Pics of the couple are constantly on the net in various seductive positions. Who knows this may be one of those couples that goes all the way.

1. And my number one couple….*drumroll please* is none other than the term we know as Robsten! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — Since the beginning of Twilight rumors of the two being an off-screen couple has circulated due to the amazing chemistry the two shared on-screen. The two have been dancing around the question, “are you dating your co-star?” FOR-ever. It is not until recently the couple have been letting things “slip” out about their relationship. Whether it’s Kristen flying to NYC for Rob’s Water for Elephants premiere and sneaking kisses in the car or Kristen saying in an interview that her “boyfriend is English”, we all knew they were a couple even before they knew and we were just patiently, well not really, waiting for them to admit it. Nonetheless, the two top my list for their amazing cuteness as a couple and their CIA ways of dodging the idea that their relationship even exists.

Do we see eye to eye on this list? Who are your favorite couples of 2011?

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