Chris Meloni Joins ‘True Blood’

All fans of ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’ were pretty upset to see our favorite aggressive, kick-ass detective, Elliot Stabler also know as Chris Meloni leave the show last spring but it seems the 50-year-old actor is not done with his days on television.

After weeks of speculation it is officially finalized that Meloni will join the cast of ‘True Blood’ for season five as an “ancient, powerful vampire.” Now I have not watched one minute of ‘True Blood’ not for any particular reason, I just like my vampires sparkly with huge bouffant hair. (CC: Twilight). But I hear nothing but good things about ‘True Blood’, especially how raunchy and steamy it can get. Perfect! That seems like a great environment for Dect. Stabler to release some of that built up aggression he had so much of on SVU.

 Fans of ‘True Blood’ do you think Meloni will make a great addition? SVU fans will Dect. Stabler shine as a vampire?

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2 thoughts on “Chris Meloni Joins ‘True Blood’

  1. Nice! I always liked Elliot, but it’ll be cool to see Meloni in a steamier role.

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