A VERY Emotional ‘X-Factor’ Elimination

Being told you’re not good enough at any age can be a heartbreaking experience but being 13-years-old and hearing it on national television could make your entire world come crashing down and that’s exactly how ‘X-Factor’ contest Rachel Crow felt when she was eliminated from the competition on Thursday’s night episode.

I am not a ‘X-Factor’ fan so I am not familiar with any aspect of the show. I stumbled across this article “Rachel Crow’s Shocking Elimination From ‘X-Factor'” and for some strange reason I was compelled to read the article and check out the video. From watching many results shows from other talent based reality competitions I am familiar with how dramatic the reveal of the results can be and this one was not that different but it was HIGHLY emotional.  

The judges ended up in a “deadlock” vote where the finally say went to America. The contestant that has the least amount of votes would be eliminated. Judge Nicole Scherzinger was seriously upset having to decide which aspiring act went home. I mean that girl was in hysterics and that led me to hysterics but not in the same form. The situation is truly heartbreaking to see a 13-year-old drop to her knees in tears from her dreams being cut short but the VERY dramatic  build up made me chuckle. Everybody was caught off guard by Crow’s reaction and to be honest it made for GREAT TV.

I’m sure Crow’s reaction will probably bring more buzz around her than her actual appearance on the show but one thing Crow should know is for every “No” there is always a “YES!!”


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