Get Ready For a Retro Countdown!

There’s a visual ,sometimes not, baby bump, a retro-style Audrey Hepburn homage, pumpkin spice nails and a more toned down Queen Bey in the latest  Beyoncé video that premiered tonight on

The video for Countdown made a debut tonight online and I’m sure all true Beyoncé fans were counting down, no pun intended, for the premiere all day. Beyoncé pulled out some very simple but very stylish outfits for this video. I would say my favorite would be the pastel colored oversized button-up shirts with heels. It’s so girly and sexy, I loved it! Beyoncé was also very subtle with her dance moves. For the most part Beyoncé usually has some very swift dance moves in her videos but for this she toned it down and let her back ups do most of the work, I mean she does have a baby on board so she has to slow down on the crazy dance moves.

I wasn’t really a fan of the song but after seeing the video it’s growing on me a bit. Check out the video for yourself and let know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Get Ready For a Retro Countdown!

  1. chameleonic on said:

    she is so effing cute and stylish! is there anything beyonce can’t pull off?? amazing!

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