Photo Opp: The Lucky Ladies

I just wanted to make a quick post of some photos I came across that I think are stunning. Kim Kardashian or Humphries, which ever you prefer, posted a tweet today about finally having a Lucky Magazine cover. What was even more special to her was that her and her sisters each received their own cover for the same issue. All the girls look great but Khloe in particular SLAYED to me! Her hair looks Amazing and her make up is flawless! That rock on her hand did distract me a bit but she looks great! Kourtney and Kim looked just as beautiful. And whoever styled that shoot, kudos. Every article of clothing these girls have on is making me say “gimmie, gimmie, I want, I want”. What do you think about the girls cover?


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2 thoughts on “Photo Opp: The Lucky Ladies

  1. I’ve never followed these Kardashian girls but I think Kim looks the best. Love her shirt and I bet it would look even better with the middle one’s skirt!

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