“You look like a tired bird”

I stumbled across this clip and I just had to share it because I was in tears!

The film Bridesmaids  is just a hilarious movie period but I found this clip online, “The Longest Argument Ever”, and it is TOO funny! It’s an extended version of the jewelry store scene from the film and only on the Blu Ray DVD version but luckily for us and the creators of YouTube it found its way online and into my funny bone! I literally could not stop laughing when I saw this clip. I found it so funny I immediately went out and purchased  the DVD so I could see what other funny tidbits were included on the DVD version of the film.

In the meantime, please get your life to this clip and get ready to laugh.

*Photo from IMDb

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2 thoughts on ““You look like a tired bird”

  1. bigsis on said:

    I wa laughing HYSTERICALLY at this clip !!!! OMG !!!!! lmao

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