Excitement Overload

By now it’s no secret of how  “irrevocably” obsessed I am with Twilight and it should come to no surprise of my utter excitement of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Soundtrack track list being released! And that only means we are so much more closer to the film release date.

I was on Twitter and it was all over my timeline that Bruno Mars song for the film “It Will Rain”, which I now love, has been released. I quickly went to iTunes on my laptop to see if I would like the song and long and behold the entire Breaking Dawn soundtrack was on iTunes and available for pre-order. So what did I do?!? I pre-ordered that soundtrack with the quickness! Since this is the first part of the last Twilight film I am determined to get every piece of merchandise I can get my hands on. You can’t actually hear any of the songs yet but the track that sent vampire chills up my spine was track 11 “Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) By Iron and Wine. All Twi-hards know that song from the Prom scene in the first Twilight film and the simple fact that THAT particular song is being revampired into Edward and Bella’s wedding song is TOO cute to me.

The actual release date of the soundtrack is November 8, only TEN DAYS before the film’s release date. I don’t know about y’all but I am officially in EXCITEMENT OVERLOAD!

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