Code: Beyonce; Operation Camp Out

Ok so me and my friend Skyler had the bright idea to camp out for the FREE Beyonce concert in Central Park this past Friday as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Stage series. Now I am SO shocked I was able to stay up through the night because I am a girl who sleeps more than a bear hibernating in winter but first let me run through the events of the night. Sky and I arrived in Central Park around 1 a.m and the line was already wrapped through the park. We thought we’d enjoy a nice summer night camping out and waiting for the concert to start at 8 a.m that morning by laying down a blanket, enjoying some snacks and playing cards to get us through the night…WRONG!!

The volume of people swarming to camp out for Beyonce must have exceeded the security expectations because within 20 minutes of us being there people begun to cut the line of waiting Beyonce fans forcing those sitting down to swiftly grab their belongings and run with the stampede of people to claim a spot in line. The stampede of rabid fans happened throughout the night and my ideas of a civilized camp out was out the door.

As the sun came up close to 6 a.m Sky and I had claimed a squished spot in the mass of irritable bodies waiting to enter the concert arena where Beyonce was set to perform. There was still a problem with line jumpers that morning as the line inched to the entrance of the stage but we got an ok spot inside and I was able to get some footage for my blog.

All in all it was an experience. Would I ever do a camp out mission again?? HELL NO!!! LOL….Well maybe for a Twilight Saga event 🙂


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