Summer of Blockbusters

My internet connection has been so BOGUS!!! I blame all the rain New York City has been having this week. It has my services all funky but that’s another story. The unofficial start of the summer is rapidly approaching and that means a summer filled with blockbuster movies. I’ve seen a few trailers that definitely have me convinced to spend my 10 bucks to see these films in the theater.

The much anticipated sequel, Hangover: Part II hits theaters May 26, 2011. Right in time for Memorial Day Weekend, this film looks HILARIOUS!! I wasn’t a fan of the first one in the beginning but after watching it only over a dozen times it has become one of my favorite comedies and my sister and I frequently use lines from the film.

Another film that looks good is Transformers: Dark of the Moon which hits theaters July 1, 2011. I LOVE me some Transformers but I’m kind of sad my girl Megan Fox not in this one. I don’t know how I feel about that but the trailer definitely has me intrigued. Bad Teacher is another comedy I’m looking forward to seeing. Cameron Diaz looks really funny in it and the Twilight  reference had me dying! This film hits theaters June 24, 2011.

These three films are definitely on my MUST SEE list for the summer!

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