oH-eM-GeE Moment

Happy Monday All!

 Every morning I do my pop culture ritual. I check my Popsugar, E!Online, MTV News, and Perez Hilton apps on my iPhone to see what is up with my favorite celebs. I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise. Now first let say my obsession for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be borderline sickening and even I am baffled by the intense love I have for them and their work so I promise this will not turn into a blog of only K-Stew and RPatz news…hopefully.

Anywho, I posted a link of the two sharing a swift exit from the Water for Elephants premiere yesterday in NYC and that’s not all they shared. These two will probably never get use to the swarms of paparazzi that follow their every hair tussle but the rumored couple couldn’t resist a kiss as the two departed in their vehicle.

Rob leans in for the kill and Kristen shyly pulls away after a quick brush on the lips. What’s that about Kristen? Maybe she’s not down for the PDA? Or maybe she wants to save all the Robsten lip locking for Breaking Dawn Part 1, which is scheduled to hit theaters November 18, 2011. But for those of you, like me, that can’t wait get a sugar rush with the link above from Popsugar.

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